Synanthropic locality of Plantago maritima (Plantaginaceae) on the A4 highway in Gliwice (Silesia Province)
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Online publication date: 2020-12-30
Publication date: 2020-12-30
Fragm. Flor. et Geobot. Pol. 2020; XXVII(2): 709–714
Plantago maritima is a rare and endangered species in Poland. It grows mainly in saline natural and semi-natural communities along the Baltic Sea coast. There are 50 known localities of the species in this area, located in 30 units of the ATPOL cartogram. Until now, one synanthropic locality situated on roadside in the Jasło-Sanok Basin was known. A new synanthropic locality of P. maritima was found in 2014 on the A4 motorway next to the Żernica Toll Point in the southern part of Gliwice (18°40′43,7″E, 50°15′32,1″N; ATPOL DF 40) (Fig. 1). At least several dozen individuals were observed in the center strip, together with Spergularia marina and Plantago coronopus. The presence of single cilia on the edge of the corolla patches suggests that the taxon represents P. maritima subsp. ciliata. It occurs in the Czech Republic, where it spreads along motorways.